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Reusable Bamboo Charcoal Pads

Reusable Bamboo Charcoal Pads

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Our reusable pads are made from a super absorbent charcoal infused fabric, bamboo inner absorber, and an external waterproof liner that helps to keep your knickers and clothing safe. A fantastic alternative to disposable pads. Designed with 3 layer that wicks away moisture from against the skin to keep the skin feeling dry. The inner layers are made from bamboo that has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. The external layer is made from a waterproof fabric. 

Every pad has wings on it with snaps that will help to keep your pad in place right where you want it. They wings and snaps double up as a way to keep the pad nicely wrapped and folded after they have been used before you get them home to the washing again too.

Available in two different sizes to help you to meet your needs on the day — order one size, or both.  Pads available a range of assorted prints and colours. 

A fantastic and eco-friendly, planet friendly option!!!


Material: Bamboo Fabric, Microfibre, PUL Fabric 

Size: Please see size details for below… 

Small: 17cm (W) x 18cm (L) 

Large: 17cm (W) x 27cm (L) 

Middle Piece for both sizes: 7cm (W) 

Weight: 19 grams (each) 

Package Contains: 1x Bamboo Fabric Pad

How to use: To use, lay the pad into your knickers, and wrap the wings around your knickers and snap into place (see video for step by step instructions). When the pad has been used, unclip the pad from around your knickers. Fold the pad info thirds, folding it so that the waterproof liner is on the outside. Once folded info thirds, wrap the wings around the folded sections and snap into place to keep it compacted and in place. Store in your waterproof bag until home.

Washing: Use washing machine to clean, and hang or lay flat to dry. It is recommended to soak or rinse them before washing to make it easier for washing.  


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