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Rigid Cup Holder

Rigid Cup Holder

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This cup holder is perfect for your coffee cup needs. The right size and height to grab that takeaway coffee on the go, and not have to navigate self propelling at the same time as carrying that precious liquid gold. 

It’s also the right size for travel cups, and glasses of water so that you have something on you while you are at home, in the office, or your place of work. It is a great tool for being able to navigate with a glass of water at events as well, freeing your hands up for networking with others and self propelling where you want to be able to go without navigating the cup too.  

A durable and hard wearing cup and bottle holder, that won’t easily fracture or break? You can securely clip to wherever you need it and keep it easily place. 


Material: Plastic / Resin 

Size: 8cm (Diameter) x 12cm (H) 

Weight:  43 grams

Package includes: 1x Rigid Cup Holder 

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