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ZUWIT Seatbelt Buckle Holder

ZUWIT Seatbelt Buckle Holder

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Do you ever have a fight with the seatbelt buckle as you try to buckle yourself, or a loved one in because the buckle is lose, floppy and gets hidden? It’s not easy to find, or it won’t stay at the easiest right angle to just make it more simple and straight forward… You are not alone! And that’s why we are so excited to now be able to stock these Zunit seat buckle holders for you and others who have had similar frustrations.

These are a God-send for those with kids, or need to help quickly belt someone into their seat with ease, and those who want some more independence easily..

But these also make a fantastic option for those… 

— Who have use of just one arm or hand.
— Those without a lot of muscle strength or mobility, who have had a stroke, or hemiplegia, or experience  tremors, tics, or muscle spasms making buckle hard. — Those who can’t bend or easily look down easily to find the buckle due to spinal stenosis or spinal fusion. 
— Those who have a vision impairments due to the colour options to help identify and provide easy feel. — Those with sensory needs or autism,  
— Those with learning impairments  
— For kids just starting out to buckle themselves in 
— For parents/caregivers who are fighting to find and buckle an adult or child in easily with just one hand…. 
— Basically, they are for everyone and just make a sometimes unnecessarily tedious problem a quickly resolved and, easily rectified problem now just EASY! 

Who needs to fight that stress unnecessarily, right? There are far more important things that actually need our energy to fight over than a seatbelt buckle! We got ya, friend. Grab one of these, remove the hassle, and know that you or a loved one can easily and now quickly buckle yourself or a loved one into their seat a lot more easily (and with just one hand). Plus, if you grab one of our brightly coloured buckle holders, it also then doubles as easy visual cue to help you quickly see and identify easily where to buckle in! 

Let the frustrations just disappear. 


Material: Silicone Plastic (has passed RoHS tests) 

Size: 4.5cm - 6.3cm (H)  

Buckle Holder: 4.5cm x 6.6cm 

Base of Buckle Holder: 8.2cm x 8.5cm 

Weight:  140 grams per buckle (315 g including box) 

Package includes: 2x Zuwit Seat Buckle Holders 

Please note: This buckle will fit most vehicle buckle types that are floppy type that have been designed for the belt buckle to be able to be hidden in the seat. Ie: it is usually the rear seats of a vehicle, not the front where the buckles are often in some stiffer framing. We have attached photos and videos, so have a look but if you are unsure to whether it will fit your own vehicle or not, just send a message! We are only too happy to help! We can let you know if it will suit yours, and if you’re local we are happy to test it for you too!!  


How to use? 
With non stick lines inside the buckle holder, this feature helps to keep it securely and snuggly in place once it’s been installed — and installation is easy too! Just shimmy the holder down over the buckle itself and into place. It will keep it held for you, with a slight tip forward to make it perfectly angled and easier to click that belt into place and know you’re safe. The circular base on the buckle holder helps to keeps it more steady and stops it from moving side to side. No longer will the buckle flip around, or disappear in the recesses of the seat for you to go hunting to find again! The curved edges reduce chances of scratches and improve comfort. Plus, rest assured knowing the ingredients have passed RoHS testing. 

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