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Anti-Slip Chair Socks

Anti-Slip Chair Socks

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Do you have wooden seats on wooden floors? Do your chairs slide or slip at all? Do you want to make your chairs have a bit more grip to the floor? Avoid any scratches from chairs moving on the floor…?  

Finally an answer is here. 

These anti-slip chair socks will suit furniture that is from 3-4.5cm (1.18-1.77inches), round or square. They contain anti-skid particles to make the chair safer to use, and stop any slipping or sliding. They are both re-usable, re-washable, and very easy to clean. Water and mould resistant, they will help to protect your chairs and reduce any chance of foot rot as well! 


Material: Soft Silicone 

Size: 3cm (L) x 2.5 — 3.5cm (W) — Fully Adjustable

Weight: 12 grams (set of 4) 

Package Includes: 4-16 foot socks per pack. One sock per table or chair leg. The total number in your pack is dependent on the number you have selected for your specific order from the options above. 


How to use: 

To use, take one silicone sock per table or chair leg, turn the table or chair onto its side or have someone to carefully hold the table leg or chair leg up for you as you gently place the silicone sock onto the foot of the table/chair in a similar manner to how you would put on a sock for yourself. Make sure that the sock is on fully, and is pulled up tightly and securely for the best possible fit and has no slack around its base. Continue to do this for each table and chair leg until you have socks placed on all required legs. These will help to stop any chairs from slipping or skidding as easily, and will help prevent marks on the ground too. 

Periodically keep an eye and check on them, and pull the sock up and tight again if it’s looking like it has moved out of place at all. Essentially, doing as you do with your own socks when you are wearing them. 👍🏼


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