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Reusable Memo Slap Wrist Band

Reusable Memo Slap Wrist Band

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Are you someone who loves to write with a pen in their hands? Do you often write in pen on the back of your hand, wrist or arm to make quick notes? Do you go grocery shopping carrying little squares or notes of paper for your shopping list? Do you find that your phone goes flat when you were in the middle of a set of groceries or tasks and get stuck now not knowing what else was on the list while you try to remember? Are you someone who doesn’t like to always have their phone or mobile device on them at all times…? 

Our silicone wrist slap bracelets are a great solution to many of the above experiences, making it easy to write and carry your shopping list on your wrist, reducing the risk of losing or dropping your piece of paper as you go about your shopping or day - no stress to losing it, no stress to the phone battery running flat, an easy way to carry your note on you, to write more notes as you go about the day, and easy to erase with an eraser (or rubbing with a hard finger). It also has an incorporated ruler to help make taking a quick measurement more easy to do, and having a quick find with drawing a straight line easier as well! 

Pair with our bracelet pens and have your notes and a pen easily connected to your wrist to find quickly and have conveniently whenever you need it, right now. Never lose your list, or be without a pen, or struggle to find a ruler or measure device again with this set. 

How do they work? A special coating on the bracelet allows you to write on them with an oil based ballpoint pen. Use an eraser to gently erase the pens marks on the bracelet to wipe it clean ready for the next time.  

To use: Simply slap the bracelet against your wrist and it will bend the metal snap to wrap around your wrist automatically. To remove, pull the bracelet off and straighten it flat again. You can write on it when it is both straight, and also when it is on your wrist also. 

Recommended for: Those who often write in pen on the back of their hand, wrist or arm, those who like to tale notes in pen or often lose their notes of paper. For those who like having reminders on them, and for those who don’t like to always use technology in their every day lives, or work better having a pen in hand. 


Material: Silicone 

Colour: White 

Size: 24cm (L) x 3cm (W) 

Measures: Ruler measures to 30cm length  

Weight:  30 grams 

Package includes: 1x memo ruler wrist slap bracelet 

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