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Bathroom Tap Water Extender — Silicone

Bathroom Tap Water Extender — Silicone

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Has the sink and tap always been inaccessible to you…? Finally a way to make it work for you! These tap (faucet) extenders push the water across the sink to make it easier and more accessible to reach. If you block the end of the spout it will push the water up into a fountain to make drinking water easier as well! 

Easy to use faucet extender for children, and those who struggle to reach the other side of the sink for the water in the tap/faucet. Use in the bathroom, kitchen or anywhere you have a sink! Also makes washing vegetables easier, and accessing water for drinking, and gargling more accessible too. 

Easy to install - simply slide over the end of your faucet, adjust to suit your needs and you are sorted. It will adjust and mould to many different types, styles and sizes of tap or faucet ends due to being silicone. 



Material: Silicone 

Size: 7cm x 3.3cm x 3cm 

Weight: 17.6 grams approx 

Package includes: 1x faucet extender 


Instructions for use: 

1. Place the silicone tap extender over the end of your bathroom tap or faucet, and situate it into place.

2. Make sure that it is the right way up (the little top spout should point up - see our photos for reference).

3. Turn on your tap and test for placement. Adjust to suit and then you are all sorted! The water should now be easier to access on the other side of the basin and you’ll have a fountain tap for easy drinking water in the bathroom too - no more having to cup your hands! 🙌🏽 

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