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Snap Lock Storage Bag Holder

Snap Lock Storage Bag Holder

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Finally - a way to hold, sort and organise all the things you love into snap lock or storage bags, with an easy way to do so and making filling your bags a breeze!! 

Whether you a meal prepping, portioning out snacks, arts and crafts, or kids post-party loot bags — these kitchen bag holders make it easier and quicker than ever! No more trying to manhandle and open plastic bags that keep folding over, or aren’t easy to quickly see and assess exactly what’s it them fast enough. Each kitchen bag holder has a non slip base, so that it stays where you place it, and hold it tightly in place. And no one loves when you are portioning meals and the side of the bag falls into the food, or it all spilled out and taken other bags with them (especially soup!)

These storage bag holders make organisation and dividing out items and products simple and fuss free. Being fully adjustable in height, they will pack down compactly and flat when they are not in use for easy, safe keeping. Save your time, effort, and patience with these holders when it comes to filling your bags —  Once you have tried it, you’ll never go back.   

No mess, fuss, or stress? Thats a win in our books!  

Note: All colours are exactly the same sizes and extend the same ranges. Photos depict various heights, lengths and widths that it can be used at. 


Material: ABS Plastic 

Size: 18.5cm (L) x 9cm (W) 

Base: 9cm (L) x 8.7cm (W)  

Arms: 10.5cm — 27cm (L) x 11cm — 16cm (W) 

Collapsed Size: 10cm (W) x 22cm (L) x 3.5cm (H) 

Weight:  48 grams 

Package includes: 1x Snap Lock Storage Bag Opener


How to use these Storage Bag Holders:

1. Adjust the arms to being upright from the base of the product. Place the product on a bench where the rubber base can help to hold it securely in place, and adjust the arms to the height that matches the bags. 

2. Attach the side of the bag under the clip on each side so that the clips are holding your bag open. 

3. Adjust the mouth of the bag for the most space into the bag, and line the kitchen bag holders up next to each other in a way that works for you to fill them.

4. Fill your bags and then one by one close them. Rinse or wipe down the storage bag holder and let it dry before compacting and storing for the next time. 


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