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Divided Cereal Bowl

Divided Cereal Bowl

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These bowls are the perfect answer to keeping your foods from touching and keep the different textures apart until you are ready to mix them, such as: chips and dip, cereal and milk, soups and breads, your main meal and salad, and your hot or cold foods seperated. 

Great for those who love things seperate, for those with set preferences and can help to support and make meal times easier for those who have very set preferences, anxieties, sensory issues, neurodiversity, + conditions such as ARFID or other eating disorders. 

Great for toddlers, great for snacks when watching the TV or having a movie night, for picnics and snacks 

Stackable bowls. Dishwasher and are microwave safe. 


Material: Plastic (BPA FREE) 

Size: 18cm (Diameter) x  6cm (Depth)  

Large section: 10cm (W) / Small section: 8cm (W) 

Volume: 250ml (large side) x 150ml (small side) 

Weight: 119 grams 

Package includes: 1x partitioned bowl 


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