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Kids Toy Stethoscope

Kids Toy Stethoscope

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Empower your kids to understand what is happening to them with our range of working medical play items. 

A real working stethoscope! Super popular with kids! Press the stethoscope against your chest, or that of a loved one to hear their heart beat in their chest. Enjoy the wonder of learning and understanding more about our bodies and how they function. Experience what it is like to hear your heart and lungs function. It is such a cool experience for any little person, and it makes a great addition to any child’s Dr and Medical Play Kit.  

For any child or young person that is being admitted to hospital, or has to frequently have their heartbeat or chest frequently checked — this toy can make a fantastic addition to their toys by helping to break down fears and normalise the experience of getting their own hearts and lungs checked, or watching someone else get their heart and lungs checked too. 

Note: Also available in other colours, please enquire. 


Material: PVC + Aluminium Alloy  

Size: 73cm (L)x 11cm (W)x 4.5cm (Diameter)

Weight: 62 grams

Package includes: 1x Kids Stethoscope (works!) 

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