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Tall Glass Straws (Straight)

Tall Glass Straws (Straight)

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Glass straws! 

Eco friendly reusable and easy to use glass straws are perfect for your cocktail, smoothie, and other drinks. Works perfectly for hot drinks as it doesn’t heat up like a metal straw does and is more stable than a silicone straw. Pair it with our silicone tip to make it even nicer to drink from, whether it is a hot or cold drink. Luxury. 

These glass straws can handle heat from 40-392F. They are safe for the dishwasher and easily cleaned. They are also microwave and freezer safe. 

Available in various colours.  
Also available as a straight or bent straw. 


Material: Durable Glass 

Size: 20cm (L) x 0.8cm (W) 

Weight: 14 grams  

Package Includes: 1x full length glass straw 


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