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Straw Cleaner

Straw Cleaner

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Reusable straws are the way to go - not only are they eco friendly, but they work well and make sense too! But whether you use a metal, silicone, glass or even plastic straw, they all still need cleaning. Get hold of our straw cleaning brushes to make cleaning them super quick and effective! Designed specifically for cleaning straws, it works well! The straw cleaners are made with bristles that have been wound into the wire steel, to make them effective. They also have a hook/loop at the top end to make hanging and storing them a breeze — keep it close at hand for easy reach but still being out of the way! We hang ours against the window frame on a hook in front of the sink. It’s quick, easy to reach and super easy to put away too!

Image Description: Item is a small straw cleaning brush on a long wire, that fits into and inside a straw. There is a small loop at the end of the wire for this to be hung up or easily accessible locations. 


Material: Metal (wire/steel) with plastic bristles 

Size: as below 

Total Length:

Small      15cm (L) x 1cm (Diameter) 

Medium 20cm (L) x 1cm (Diameter)

Large      30cm (L) x1cm (Diameter)

lWeight: 4 grams (approx) 

Package includes:  1x wire steel straw cleaner 

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