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Stretchy Key Bracelet

Stretchy Key Bracelet

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Stretchy silicone keyring bracelets make it possible to carry your keys in your hands and have the security of knowing that if you drop them, they won’t fall to the ground as they will still stay around your wrist.

This bracelet keyring is great for extra security and for your peace of mind. They can be used for a range of other things, such at the beach or the pool, for keeping your keys on your bag, as a quick and easy identifier to find keys or items in your bag or purse, or as a way of connecting and finding other items quickly and easily, or identifying them as your own.  

The bracelets stretch out and can be used around the armrest of your wheelchair, a walking stick, walker, or crutches. Wear them around your wrist, forearm or upper arm, or any other way you please. They’ll also work on a pram handle connected with a carabiner.  

One of friends was explaining one day, very matter-of-factly some of the challenges she was navigating with her disability and the things she has to do to try and work around some of those challenges. We didn't think she should have to just put up with how things were for her at that point in time, and talked with her about the custom solution service we had started. So after setting some parameters we got to work to find some better end solutions and this product one one of those answers. No longer does she have to worry about dropping her keys, about what to do if she does, or finding someone to pick them up for her and also the stress of that if no one is nearby. Small things can make a huge difference and we are so proud to have found a much better working solution, and she is happier heading out more easily now as well! 

(HDPE. Non toxic, waterproof, soft, comfortable) 


Material: EVA, Plastic 

Size: approx 1mm tubing diameter itself. When bracelet is laying flat on the table the measurements are: 4.3cm inner diameter x 6.3 outer diameter 

Smallest wrist circumference: 11cm 

Weight:  6 grams 

Package includes: 1x stretchy mobility aid keyring 

How to use: Attach your keys to the metal keyring. To use, pop your hand through the bracelet to allow you to have it around your wrist so if you drop the keys you won’t drop them to the ground, as they’ll still be attached to you with the bracelet around your wrist. 


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