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Serving Toaster Tongs

Serving Toaster Tongs

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Toaster tongs mean that you will no longer need to burn your fingers trying to retrieve your toast from the toaster - no temptation to try and use a knife or tip the toaster upside down when your toast gets stuck! 

A way to easily and safely pick up your toast, it just makes life so much easier! You don’t need too much grip to be able to use them, and if you’re anything like me, they can be used to retrieve broken-off pieces of your bun or toasted breads when that happens too!

These can also be used for lightly transplanting small plants or using it to strain your tea bag and prevent you burning fingers with the hot tea.  

Eco friendly and made from natural bamboo material.



Material: Bamboo

Size: 18cm (L) x 2cm (W)

Weight:  10 grams

Package includes: 1 Toaster Tongs

How to use

1. Toaster tongs are super easy + convenient to use. Just as you would use a regular pair of tongs, you can use the toaster tongs in a similar way, knowing that they are specifically designed to be able to get down into the toaster and each side of your hot toast to make pulling it out to butter so much easier and safer. No more burnt hands or toasters tipped upside down while trying to source part of your toast which broke off.

2. Keep handy to the toaster by adding a clip or magnet so you know they’re always close at hand.  

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