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Kids Art Aprons

Kids Art Aprons

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By request and high demand, we have our kids sleeveless clothing protectors in. These are a fabulous option for young children who want to step away from wearing a bib while keeping their clothes clean during eating, artwork, and through messy play.

Fun, bright, and happy! Make a statement with one of our aprons to keep kids clean enough while enjoying learning to eat or self feed, exploring food, texture, and messy play, or to keep fronts clean during play! They work really well during water play also. 

We have selected a variety of aprons with fun statements, bright, happy, fun and sometimes silly!

Note: These aprons can also be used in place of clothing protectors or bibs for those looking for a solution to keeping clothes clean during mealtimes. 




Material: Polyester / TPU  

Size: Please see below.. 

Small: 35cm (L) x 31cm (W) 

Medium: 39cm (L) x 32.5cm (W) 

Large: 43cm (L) x 35cm (W) 

Weight: 29 — 33 grams each 

Package Contains: 1x Apron 

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