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Walking Stick / Crutches Clip (2 Piece)

Walking Stick / Crutches Clip (2 Piece)

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Connect your crutches together with these fantastic set of crutches clips. Sold as a 2 pack, it means that you can connect one clip at that top and one toward the bottom of your crutches to easily and compactly store them together for convenient and easy access, storage, and travel. Never be without them as a pair again, or worry about the risk one of them being misplaced or going missing when not being used!

You can also use these to clip your walking stick or crutch to your walking frame to have access to both options when you are out and about as well. Use and have what works for you to give your very best QOL! 


Material: ABS Plastic 

Size: 6cm (L) x 2.2cm (W) x 1cm (D) 

Weight:  10 grams 

Package includes: 2x Crutches Clips 


 How to use: To use, simply click onto place on your crutches, and then click into place with the second crutch to allow them to hold together. We recommend you use one clip at the top, and one clip nearer the bottom of the crutch or pole for a more secure hold. 

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