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Warming Sleeve

Warming Sleeve

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A warm arm sleeve to protect your arm and keep it warm and dry in the winter months. Protect your arthritic or sore joints from the cold, and if you have a PICC line in place, it will help I keep it an place as well. 

These can also be used on your legs and knees if you are up to a size 10/12 adult (womans sizing). Stay warm this winter, don’t let the cold get better of you! 


Ideal for those who have: 

Arthritis in the wrist, elbows or joints and want to keep your joints warm this winter 

— Can also be used to keep ankles and knees warm

— A PICC line, to protect your line and keep it discrete, secure, and tidy. Reduce chances of it being snagged, or pulled or caught on anything by accident 

— As a way of holding dressings securely to your skin, especially for those with adhesive allergy  

— May also be used for leg or knee compression of someone who is a size 10-12 in adults clothing sizes. 



Material: Polyester 

Size: 28cm (L) x 32cm — 50cm (W) 

Weight: 6 grams 

: 1 x Picc Cover 

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