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Water Container Squirt Bottle

Water Container Squirt Bottle

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Discover the convenience of our Squeeze Watering Bottle, a versatile tool for precise plant care, personal care and around the home. Crafted from lightweight polyethylene, it's easy to squeeze and perfect for watering houseplants. Plus, it's great for lab work!

The bottle has a visible scale for precise measurements, and the cap seals tightly to prevent leaks. You can even trim the spout for a faster flow.

What makes it exceptional is its small mouth and bent nose design, ensuring you can:

Water your plants — without soaking their leaves. Perfect for plants like succulents, African violets, and orchids.

Manage personal cares — use the water in place of toilet paper, or in addition to it for an exceptional clean feeling and refreshing of your intimate areas. 

Great for Ostomy users — For ostomies (urostomy, colostomy, ileostomy) and catheters, these are a fantastic way to rinse and easily clean your bags for longer duration and wear, and overall cleaner feel. 

Simplify your care routine with our Squeeze Watering Bottle. Compact, effective, and ready for your needs! 



Material: Polyurethane 

Size: 150ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml 

Weight: less than 100 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Squirt Bottle 

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