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Waterproof Bags — Small

Waterproof Bags — Small

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Our reusable wet bags are a fantastic tool to have on hand. Whether you have small kids, use it as a swim bag, for your ‘Knick knacks’, if you use it for food and snacks in your bag, or for medical needs. It’s a great bag to have on hand that will hold what you need, and will accomodate a range of sized items and weights. It has some stretch in the fabric, so you can pack it well.

We recommend these bags can be used for the following type of items and products: 

— As a replacement option for glad wrap snd snap lock bags where being air tight isn’t a critical factor 

— Food + snacks in your bag, in the car, on the road 

— Organising medical supplies for your backpack, purse or car when you’re heading out for the day 

— For those who have syringes for taking liquid medications. Draw up and cap my medications in the morning and then pack them into these bags to be able to use them and access easily any time needed 

— Rubbish bag for your backpack 

— Ostomy supplies on the go bag 

— To store kids toys in the car compactly in a bag

— As bag organisers for items inside your backpack

— To carry feeding tube supplies while out and about

— To store draw up syringe medications for feeding tubes and kids those who need liquid medications  

— To store personal items in your bag discreetly 

— For a toothbrush, toothpaste and other toileteries 

— To carry liquid items in your bag and not have them end up all through your other items if anything leaks 

— For travel in the plane for your small liquid items 

— For travelling with chocolate or candy so that if anything melts or leaks it doesn’t go through the bag 

— As a grab and go bag kept at home or in the car that’s easily recognisable and easy for others to grab if it’s needed in a moments quick rush for anything 

— As a stroller bag for items you want close at hand 

— So so many more uses. What do you use them for? 

Our bags are completely reusable, Eco-friendly, and easy care and maintenance. Just throw them into the washing machine with any other clothes. They can be air or tumble dried. Available a range of colours and styles, these add funk and fun to your storage needs.

All of our bags are fitted with zips that have had an easy zip puller attached to make them easy to use. Each bag has a loop fitted with a snap to make it easy for you to carry and snap the bag onto anywhere that suits and works for you also. The loop is also fitted to help make the zipper easier to open for you as well.

Note: While it will hold wet items well and stop leaking it isn’t waterproof for submerging in water. 



Material: Water Resistant Canvas 

Size: 15cm x 18cm

Weight: 20 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Reusable Wet Bag 





Material: PUL Waterproof Fabric 

Size: 18cm x 14cm 


Package includes: 1x Wet Bag with handle + snap 

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