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Waterproof Leg Cast Cover

Waterproof Leg Cast Cover

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Get back in the water safely with our cast cover for your leg. Reaching over the knee, it’s a great option for anyone who is in a lower leg cast, wound or injury that needs to stay dry and wants to shower or bathe more safely without risk of getting your leg wet at all. It uses IPX4 waterproof design technology which is designed to the highest tested standard in protection from water, dust and liquids from getting inside of it. 

One size fits most, stretch the silicone cuff over your legs cast or wound site, to above or below the knee. Create a stronger seal around your leg cover by placing a finger between the seal and your leg to burp and squeeze out any extra air, adding extra security. 

These cast covers are latex free, reusable, made to a high quality standard, and tested by our own team. 


➡️ This item has been designed to last the lifespan of a cast or wound healing. This means that it has an lifespan of approximately 3 months with continual use. Following the care instructions can extend the life of this product, as well as care when taking it on and off. 

➡️ We recommend that you wear the sleeve for no longer than 20 minutes at any given time to prevent any risks around circulation + to assist in skin health. If you have any concerns please consult your medical professional as we do not offer advice or suggestions. 

➡️ We have dry sleeves available for other limbs and joints. This includes the lower leg however we do have covers for the ankle, hand, elbow and the full arm. Please see our other listings, or send us an enquiry. 


Material: PP Plastic, Silicone and PVC 

Size: 60cm (L) x  Leg — 16cm (W) Foot — 37cm (L) 

Weight: 105 grams 

Package includes: 1x Leg Cast Protector 

Care Instructions: Rinse the sleeve with warm water after use and ensuring that the sleeve is opened up, place it on a towel rack or somewhere to dry safely, ensuring that it has good ventilation to dry. To ensure good care of your PICC sleeve, always ensure that the sleeve is throughly dried before putting it away at all. 

Note: Wearing this PICC sleeve for a prolonged hot shower may allow your leg to sweat under the sleeve. This is not the product failing, rather of condensation build up, or sweating. Simply dry your leg afterwards. 


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