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Wheelchair Base Plate Strap

Wheelchair Base Plate Strap

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This elastic strap has many uses. We recommend: 

1. Keep your helmet and bike together when it’s not being used with this dual holding helmet strap. The elastic stretches and fits comfortably over any helmet size and can keep it in place by strapping the hooks to a metal bar or around a pole to connect it together. Whether you use a push bike, an electric bike, are part of the motocross community, or have a mobility device, this is a great accessory for any helmet users.  

2. For wheelchair users — especially those who use a power wheelchair with a single lifting foot plate, this strap has been an incredible life and game changer for helping to easily hold the footplate up when it’s not being used, or when the overall footprint of the wheelchair is important to reduce to a minimal space.

This also works well for travel with a wheelchair if you need to take parts of your chair apart when flying (such as a head rest or foot plates), to keep them all strapped tightly together so they are not lost at all. 

3. For backpacks + travel gear — using this elastic strap allows you to hold and connect anything to the outside of your backpack or bag securely, and allows you to carry more with you than a bag itself can take. It is really easy to hook and unhook again as needed. 


Material: rubber, nylon, fibre, elastic, ABS plastic 

Size: see below for component details 

Elastic Length: 44cm and extends to 100cm without tension on the elastic strap, pull to make even longer. 

Hooks: 8cm (L) x 3.5cm (W)  

Weight: 77 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Elastic Nylon Strap Holder  


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