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Wheelchair Rain Jacket with Sleeves

Wheelchair Rain Jacket with Sleeves

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Note: This is Kylees personal jacket, model photos for the product will be released with our next big update. 

Life doesn’t stop because it’s raining, drizzly or windy today — and we don’t think that just because you use a mobility device that the weather should be the thing that dictates your day or holds you back from doing the things you had planned for that day, and living the full life you want. For this reason, we are SO EXCITED to be able to offer our community some wet weather solutions that have been specifically designed with our own various access and mobility needs in mind.

Whether you use a wheelchair (manual or power), a mobility scooter, or another form of mobility device, these weather proof jackets will keep you, and your wheelchair and backpack dry. These jackets have been made with practicality, style, function and your personal safety in mind by making sure that it wraps tightly around you with elastic and has been designed to avoid any excess material from being caught and pulled under or into the wheels. It is also great for those who use hoist transfers, as the jacket has been intentionally designed so that it doesn’t have to be worn under you (like a regular rain coat), and instead goes over you, and your chair to protect and keep both you and the wheelchair protected, dry and safe.

The cover has been made of a high quality oxford cloth with transparent plastic so that you can still see what is happening on your display panel and access the buttons and features that you need to.,

This rain jacket has arm sleeves. It has been specifically designed for:

1. Those who are self propelling their chairs, to allow you to have full unrestricted use of your arms. 


Note: These rain jackets are also a fantastic addition + accessory to the Omeo through Wheel Adventures. 

Don’t let the weather hold you back any longer with this rain jacket that has been specifically designed with wheelchair and mobility device users in mind.


Made of polyester, with PVC coating, all seams are laminated, 100% waterproof, stain-proof and easy to clean. Transparent fabrics on both sides of the hat increase the user's visual range. The left and right reflective strips on the front of the chest are designed to ensure the safety of users during night travel. With sleeves and extended hem, you don't have to worry about getting wet when it rains. The elastic design at the hem can effectively waterproof and windproof.


Material: Polyester 

Size: 98cm (L) x 122cm (W) — excluding hood 

Weight:  150 grams 

Package includes: 1x wheelchair poncho that covers the legs and wraps under feet with elastic 

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