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Wing Mirror — Mobility Aid

Wing Mirror — Mobility Aid

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Cars, vans, trains and planes have all had rear vision mirrors for the longest time… and yet bikes and other mobility aids like power and manual wheelchairs, and some brands of scooters and walking frames, don’t.

We reckon we should change that and give you the choice for some of the accessories that will work well for you and your own needs. Not everyone needs a reverse mirror, and some might say or think “stop being lazy! Just turn your head, and pay attention”. But it’s not that simple — not just everyone can ‘turn their heads’, or are able to get the degree or turning that would be needed. So we are pretty excited to be able to bring these to you as another option and tool ‘up your sleeve’, to allow you to live your best life! 

No more guessing what is or might be behind you, no more backing into people or objects, no more second questioning or doubting yourself as you move about your environment. A solution that actually works and makes sense! The mirrors are made with quality plastic and come with an adjustable silicone strap so that you can attach the mirror anywhere you need, wherever it best suits and meets your own needs.

The bonus with this mirror is that it has 360 degree adjustable axis, and can be easily turned in or out. What does this mean practically…? That you can keep it in place on your chair and flip it out when you need it, and then just flip it back again afterwards so that it doesn't add anything to the width or diameter of your wheelchair or any other mobility aid that use it for. 

If looking behind you has always been an issue or struggle, grab one (or two) of these and let that concern be more of a thing of the past.  You got this!



Material: ABS Plastic 

Size: 10cm (L) x 8cm (W) x 1.5cm (D).

Tube diameter: These reverse mirrors are best suited for a handlebar or tube between 1.5-3.5cm diameter. 

Weight:  42 grams 

Package includes: 1x Wing Mirror 

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