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Zip Puller — 'Stomach’ for Gastroparesis Awareness

Zip Puller — 'Stomach’ for Gastroparesis Awareness

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Making a beautiful present for a loved one or for yourself, this range of keyring and giftware is all about showing appreciation and value for yourself, for your loved ones, and as gifts to show how much you care. 

Raise awareness for anyone with a digestive condition that affects their stomach and nausea levels. Such conditions may be things Delayed Gastric Emptying /  Gastroparesis, Reflux, GERD, Gastric Ulcers, Cealiac Disease, Chrons Disease, SMA Syndrome, MALS Awareness, Dysphagia, and those who are Tube Feed or use feeding tubes due to gastric motility disorders. 

You are not alone. These gastric pins is a light humour take on navigating this often complicated isolating journey. Even if it’s simply something that makes you smile as you or your family know what it stands for. 

A way to use these keyring’s may be

— As a form of awareness, to open the conversation… 

— A way to communicate with close family or friends when your stomach disorder is flaring up, or you are having an extra hard time, without having to verbalise that. By having somewhere you leave it when it’s hard. 


— Something you keep yourself on behalf of your friend, as a way of raising awareness with others for them; to share their journey with others you meet. 

— A gift for a friend who is struggling themselves… 


Material: Silicone 

Size: 4cm (W) x 8cm (L) 

Weight:  7 grams 

Package includes: 1x Stomach Keyring 

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