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Magnetic Dishwasher Sign

Magnetic Dishwasher Sign

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”Are the dishes in the dishwasher clean or dirty?”, the million dollar question. Worry no more with our dishwasher magnet that helps to remind you, and let everyone else in the house know with just a quick glance whether the dishes have been through a wash cycle yet, or not. Seeing the cleaned sign may even spark others in your house to empty + unpack it too!

Simply slide the disc over to clean when you start the dishwasher, and once the dishes have been unloaded slide it back over to the dirty side again. It’s that easy!

Magnetic, it also comes with double sided gel tape to ensure the stick is strong and it stays firmly in place. It is made of heavy duty materials and is completely waterproof. Just stick it onto the dishwasher door. The clean side is green, the red side is for dirty. This also helps yo make it easier to identify for those who struggle with reading, or have a vision impairment. 

Not just functional, they look stunning too. With the gel tape, they will work on a variety of surfaces such as: stainless steel, cabinet doors, laminate, acrylic cabinets, wooden doors, tiles, glass, and many more. 

These can also be used for the washing machine, and other devices where you want to clarify clean or dirty.


Material: Acrylic, Metal, Magnet, Gel Tape

Size: 17.5cm (L) x 5cm (W) x 0.5cm (D) 

Weight: 40 grams

Package includes: 1x  Magnetic Dishwasher Sign 

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